Users are informed that as of May 24th, 2019 the d-flight services will be temporarily suspended to allow a profound modification. The service will be active again from the beginning of July 2019, with the start-up of a completely renewed platform in the style and in the ways of interaction.

However, the QR codes already generated, as well as the registrations already performed, will lapse from May 24 and all users will be required to register again and to re-generate the QR codes for their own vehicles.

We apologize for the inconvenience but we are sure that you will appreciate the new service, developed in coordination with ENAC, to welcome the news of the new EASA regulation.

We remind all users that, given the current regulation: (https://www.enac.gov.it/sites/default/files/allegati/2018-Lug/Regulation_RPAS_Issue_2_Rev_4_eng.pdf) and the ENAC circulars issued to date, at moment:

  • for the recreational use of drones there is no registration obligation, neither of the operator nor of the vehicle;
  • for the professional use of drones, operators and drones must be declared (for non-critical or critical operations in standard scenarios) or authorized (for critical operations), according to the procedures and tools indicated by ENAC on its site.

Finally, please note that it is possible to fulfill the ENAC requirement as per Art. 8.1. of the Regulation by applying, to your vehicle and to the ground station, a label which briefly shows the data relating to the declaration / authorization received from ENAC.