Our Mission





D-Flight pursues the development and marketing, at global level, of a strongly automated service, provisionally named UTM (acronym of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Traffic Management), which integrates localization and geo-referencing systems and allows, within a given portion of airspace, the simultaneous flight of a great number of small drones, also in urban and populated environments, where each one is free to accomplish the specific mission it was designed and designated for. The service will implement, among others, the following main functionalities:

  • Registration, Identification and authentication: all drones must be provided with a unique system for their identification and authentication while airborne
  • Monitoring: controls in real time all airborne drones, interacting:
    • with their operators through alerting messages triggered by uncomformities or emerging danger for the vehicle or for the surronding environment;
    • automatically for equipped drones. 
  • Planning: support the users to program their missions safely, based on static and dynamic geo-referenced information, verifying constraints, space occupancies, static and dynamic reservation, 4D weather predictions and so on. The system will help the user to comply with applicable flying rules for the kind of mission and the area affected. The plan will be constantly monitored until executed. In execution the system will manage tactical requests from the user to modify the mission plan
  • Self-separation: provides every drone with autonomously capability of separating from other drones, obstacles, static or dynamic geo-fences
  • Recording and Playback: provides users and authorities with replay functions and persistant logging of every relevant event


D-Flight is the essential enabler for removing today impedement toward autonomous flight Beyond Line of Sight: ultimately boosting the emerging market of services based on small drones utilization, moving many man activities up in the sky