Our Vision






Nowadays, several services might be set up or redesigned upon the usage of drones and their capacity to autonomously conduct the mission assigned to them. The possible fields of exploitation of drones is extremely varied. These include, among others: precision agriculture, infrastructure inspection, wind energy monitoring, pipeline and power inspection, highway monitoring, natural resources monitoring, environmental compliance, atmospheric research, media and entertainment, sport photos, filming, wildlife protection and research, hunting and anti-hunting monitoring, disaster relief. 

Our Vision is a world where drones are usual commodities, fully accepted in the daily life, even in urban environments, where they are used to provide to the citizens added value services, in a safe, efficient, innovative, economical and environmental sustainable manner. 

To this end, we will support and accelerate, in collaboration with the national authorities, the development and the provision of any combination of technologies, infrastructures and services enabling full autonomous flight of drones in any allowed operational environment, in a fully safe and efficient manner.

We see the evolution of D-Flight as the key enabler to relief and finally remove the current technological and regulatory limitations which, as a matter of fact, impede the autonomous flight in more or less complex scenarios, thus allowing the full exploitation of the new markets and services built upon an intensive use of drones and their capability to fly autonomously, once programmed to accomplish the mission assigned.