D-Flight User Guide

The access to D-Flight portal is public. However, to be able to manage your fleet of drones you need to register. All users can create their own profile on D-Flight, in full compliance with privacy regulations. For the generation of the QR code, it is necessary to have the declaration reference number (for non-critical operators) or authorization (for critical operators).

Once registered on the site, the SAPR operators (non-critical / critical) can proceed with the upgrade procedure, providing the ENAC reference number. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the mailbox indicated at the time of the ENAC declaration / authorization. To complete the upgrade process, you must therefore ensure that you have access to this mailbox. Previous credentials to the old site are not any longer valid. Please register as a new user.

The ENAC numbers are indicated in the first column on the left, available at the following addresses respectively for:


The drone operations and the use of the D-Flight services for users that fall within the ENAC Regulation "Remote Piloted Air Vehicles" are subject to the payment of tariffs.

The registration to the portal is free. However, the use of some services dedicated to SAPR operators, including the QR code generation service, will be subject to the payment to the D-Flight operator of an annual fee of € 20 + VAT. The payment of the fee allows the official publication of the c.d. No Fly Zone by the competent authorities as well as the development of services for the benefit of all professional and recreational UAS operators, according to a release plan that is also in line with the European U-Space program.

The issue of the QR code implesto the payment of a one-time fee for the regulation and surveillance activities carried out by the ENAC sector. This amount is equal to € 5 for each drone. For further information regarding the release plans and how to use the D-Flight services, please refer to the relevant public sections available on said site.

We apologize for any malfunctions or inaccuracies we are working on. If you want to report any inconveniences or improvements, please send an email to support@d-flight.it. We will try to assist you as soon as possible.

if you find mistakes on the maps, please send a detailed mail, including screenshots and any other useful indication, to the mail address "mappe@d-flight.it"