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A look inside d-flight and its role within the drone market

The Drones Observatory, a place for research and debate, as well as a national reference point for studying and monitoring the sector, saw the participation of d-flight during the 11 February 2020 conference in the part dedicated to the theme "Use of the airspace ”, an occasion on which the intervention was made by Cristiano Baldoni, Chief Executive Officer.

Earlier, d-flight had organized the "Stakeholder Forum" meeting as well, on May 16, 2019, as an initiative for discussion and dissemination.

D-flight was born in February 2019, with the aim of developing a U-Space platform for the provision of UTM services, and facilitating the management of drones ensuring their safe flight with the help of various specific technologies.

ENAV, through d-flight, aims to make traditional air traffic and the traffic of remotely piloted aircraft coexist, thus entering every new and future market based on their use.

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