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Users of the platform are informed that:

  1. Following the entry into force of EU regulation 947/2019 and the publication by ENAC of the implementing regulation UAS-IT, except for the exceptions provided for those who intend to operate a remotely piloted vehicle (APR or UAS) must register as a UAS Operator on the d-flight portal and apply the corresponding UAS Operator QR code to the vehicle for identification, with EU validity. The same UAS Operator QR code must be used on each vehicle to be operated.
  2. The obligation to apply the individual UAS QR codes on their APR vehicles lapses. However, please note that some d-flight services are accessible only by activating an annual subscription (base / pro) and by activating / associating a UAS QR code (base / pro) for your own vehicles, according to the scheme represented by the table at the bottom.
  3. Starting from 01/02/2021, all basic subscriptions subscribed by users who do not have at least one UAS vehicle associated with their profile with an active basic UAS QR code will expire. It will be possible to renew the basic subscription at a cost of 6 euros, which will allow access to the following platform services:
      • Registration and activation of UAS Operator, QR code UAS Operator in accordance with European legislation and UAS-IT regulation
      • Interoperability with the European registry
      • Base GIS Layer
      • Base Situation Awareness
      • Possibility of upgrade to PRO subscription
      • Service Desk priority

The subscription includes, upon first subscription, the credit for the activation of a basic UAS QR code for a UAS vehicle associated with the profile. Activation allows access to the services

  • DOA (OPEN Category)
  • Tracking

For users who have subscribed to a basic subscription on a date prior to 01/02/2021, and have activated at least one basic QR code, it will continue to be valid for one year from when the subscription was activated. Upon expiry of the subscription, it will be possible to renew it at a cost of 6 euros, with the services included in the description above.

Prices scheme: the following table describes how accessing the services provided by d-flight and the relative applicable prices

 Not registered userRegistered user

For free
Base Subscription

6 €/per year tax included
PRO Subscription

24€/per year tax included
No QR CodeCMS navigation

Service Desk no priority

Base Geoawareness

Service Desk no priority
UAS Operator Registration and European QR code

1 base QR Code included
(only at the first activation of the subscription)

European registry interoperability

Base Layer GIS

Base Situation Awareness

PRO Subscription Upgrade

Service Desk priority
UAS Operator Registration and European QR code

1 base QR Code included
(only at the first activation of the subscription)

European registry interoperability

Base QR code activation

PRO QR code activation

Value-added GIS layer

Situation Awareness

High priority Service Desk
Base QR Code

6€ for each UAS taxes included
DOA (OPEN Category)

DOA (OPEN Category)


QR Code PRO upgrading

Publication in the operators list (optional)
Qr Code PRO

96€ for each UAS taxes included
Declaration for Standard Scenarios

Authorizations (TBD)



Publication in the operators list (optional)

N.B. The d-flight service for collecting declarations for critical operations in standard scenarios was activated on 1 March 2020.
The carry-over in d-flight of the declarations already issued by ENAC and whose tariff has already been duly paid to ENAC, will not entail any economic burden. The new declarations will be subject to the payment of the tariff applied by ENAC and collected directly by ENAC, as reported on the ENAC website

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