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d-flight provides the user with a set of commercial products aimed at the safe use of individual UAS vehicles and fleets within the various operational scenarios. The set of services is designed to guarantee the user full support in all stages of a mission's processing, starting with risk analysis and authorization analysis

Strengthened by the experience gained in recent years, we are able to support operators and organizations by providing UAS geography . Ensuring full awareness of where to fly, of any limitations and requirements to be met, is one of our core objectives.

We are also able to support, upon request, the safe conduct of demonstrations and events, as well as to support bodies and authorities through dedicated drone detection services.

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1. SORA Risk Analysis

Risk analysis according to the SORA methodology is a fundamental and necessary step for carrying out complex operations outside of standard scenarios (STS) and predefined analyzes (PDRA).

SORA is a qualitative and quantitative process of risk assessment that allows you to determine the intrinsic complexity of the operation, to mitigate them and identify the safety objectives (called OSOs) with which to comply.

SORA is an innovative, iterative approach and is based on a risk-based model.

Thanks to the numerous activities in which it is involved, d-Flight has acquired experience in the development of methodology, mitigation actions and compliance measures.

This service, therefore, allows a UAS operator (private or company) to operate in compliance with the safety requirements, guiding him in the preparation or arranging for him all the necessary documentation in order to obtain the required authorizations (operational authorization) including:

  • analysis of the scenario and of the critical aspects of safety,

  • ConOps,

  • comprehensive risk analysis,

  • generation of the list of operational objectives,

  • documents / forms / attachments necessary for the operator to operate (e.g. ATM-09A, self-declarations),

  • Operational Manual (MO),

  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP),

  • operational tips,

  • organization structure.


2. UAS Geography

 The UAS Geographical Zones are those volumes of airspace where, on the basis of the risk assessment carried out by the competent authority, UAS operations are facilitated, limited or not permitted.  

To work within a UAS Geographical Zone it is necessary to meet the specific requirements related to the type of area and operation to be carried out and acquire the appropriate authorizations to request from the holder of the impacted airspace reserve. The criteria for defining the UAS Geographical Zones are detailed in the ENAC circular ATM-09A and subsequent amendments.

Helping to understand how to operate in UAS geographical areas or requesting airspace reserves in accordance with ATM-09A are just some of the possibilities we offer to allow safe and efficient access to Very Low Level (VLL) airspace.

To meet the needs of UAS operators and support them in identifying the overlap between UAS Geographical Zones and areas of interest, we are able to supply the UAS geography always updated on request in a standard format that can be easily managed by software systems.

3. ASK d-flight

If you need clarification on the applicability of current legislation, on the procedure to be followed or an opinion for a specific operating environment and operation, purchase the token on the d-flight store Ask d-flight.

NOTE: To ensure the processing of the ticket, once the order has been completed with payment, it is absolutely mandatory to fill out the appropriate form at the d-flight service desk at this link, providing the order number and the request. We will respond promptly normally within a 2 working days, starting from the opening of the ticket, as described above. Orders not linked to a corresponding ticket won't be processed. In the case of a request sent in the pre-holiday or public holiday, within the day following the first working day following receipt of your application. It is a communication channel designed to help you solve more complex problems. In cases where we will not be able to provide you with the requested help on time, we will refund the amount of the token.

4. Drone Detection Services

The UAS detection system DDS consists of a set of detection sensors, consisting of antennas and video cameras, and mitigation countermeasures, such as alarms.

This system, in its most complete form, allows you to identify up to 98.9% of the drones in the area and track their performance.

The strengths are:

  • early warning system,
  • tracking the position of the drone,
  • geo-location of the pilot,
  • distinction between cooperating and non-cooperating trafficking,
  • automatic production of reports,
  • event log,
  • data integration in the d-flight platform.

Thanks to this system, the increase in the Situational Awareness of the entire U-space that you want to keep monitored for reasons of protection of public order, in the event of gatherings, events with a large influx of public, copyright protection, protection of monumental sites or corporate assets, etc., is clear.

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