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Planning functions for VLOS and BVLOS Specialized Operations and new Interactive Guide on d-flight

Starting from today, new features are available on d-flight that allow UAS Operators to enter VLOS and BVLOS specialized operations planning, as described in the guidelines published by ENAC.

Following the progressive release of increasingly detailed services for users, the portal now allows:

  • to specialized or non-specialized UAS operators to report the presence on field of critical non-VLOS flight activities (OPEN), by activating the Drone Operation Area functionality (DOA), in compliance with known airspace reserves;
  • to specialized UAS operators to report their flight intent for critical specialized operations, by activating the Drone Operation Plan (DOP) functionality. Such functionality involves, among other things, system validation of the planning with respect to some geo-spatial and regulatory constraints.

The same planning, in full respect of privacy, will be available for consultation via the D-Flight portal by other airspace users who, for operational reasons, have the need to operate in areas adjacent to the corresponding space-time window.

Operators will also be able to activate the functionality of tracking, through which it will be possible to show the position of the pilot / operator within the area affected by flight operations (DOA or DOP), in full respect of privacy. Tracking functionality will soon be available on the mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

D-Flight supervisors will own the complete “situation awareness "nationwide.

At the same time, in collaboration with ENAV, D-Flight is building the first operational coordination center and interface between UAS operators and the world of manned aviation. The presidium will be launched on an experimental basis as early as the first days of December.

Users of the airspace, such as HEMS operators or other institutional operators, will be able, upon request, to receive privileges to view the activities in progress or about to be activated, with the related detailed information.

Several updates have been added in the public section of the site, in particular our new "interactive guide" related to regulations, which allows the public to compare, through a set of configured questions, what is established for each case by the legislation.

The interactivity of the service allows the user, through a series of questions, including management of vehicle, type of mission or mass at take-off, to be accompanied in filling out a form increasingly more and more detailed, with several notices and links that can be useful to the planning of the type of mission required.

Not replacing the regulation in its entirety, but structured as a multiple choice decision tree, the D-Flight guide aims at providing support to users who, based on given answers, will receive a list of main reference articles and a summary downloadable in Pdf format, a real Ad Hoc guide to consult for their drone activities.

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