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D-Flight and ANACNA sign a memorandum of understanding

Rome, April 26, 2021 - D-Flight, the company of the ENAV group owned by Leonardo and Telespazio, engaged in the development of the platform for the provision of services for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), drones and ANACNA , the National Association of Assistants and Controllers of Air Navigation, have signed a memorandum of understanding to contribute to the creation of initiatives aimed at the development of issues relating to safety and know-how in Air Traffic Management to deal organically with future operational scenarios that will integration of remotely piloted aircraft with traditional traffic.

In Italy, in fact, D-Flight is contributing to the creation of U-Space, the airspace below 120 meters dedicated to remotely piloted aircraft, considered as the key element for the safe use of drones in any context. and for all kinds of missions. On April 6, 2021, the U-Space package was approved by the European Commission, the set of different regulations which, integrated with each other, aim to create the conditions for both drones and manned aircraft to operate safely.

The introduction of these new services for drone operators and the carrying out of increasingly complex operations carried out both on sight and beyond the visual field, inevitably push the aeronautical world to a radical change aimed at integrating traditional air traffic with that of drones.

With this in mind, ANACNA and D-Flight will work in close coordination to ensure a continuous and fruitful discussion and to propose new procedures aimed at maintaining the safety and efficiency standards that are now ensured by ENAV in the Italian airspace.

The central elements of the collaboration agreement concern the study of an adequate regulatory support that defines the areas of application, the tasks and responsibilities for the more complete development of the em>ATM-UTM interface, the exchange of data necessary for the integration of traffic. Umanned and an advanced reconfiguration of the Italian airspace.

Cristiano Baldoni, CEO of D-Flight said: drones represent a new frontier for the transport of goods and the provision of new services guaranteed in a safe and sustainable way. We must support the development of these vehicles quickly and with absolute respect for safety also through a broad and shared basis of choices that will shape the future of air transport. This is precisely the spirit of the protocol signed with ANACNA. The integration of the Unmanned world with traditional flight is a priority that we are implementing with ENAV through the use of the best technologies available to increase the capacity of the airspace ensuring the safety of operations.

Oliviero Barsanti, president of ANACNA said: the Association has been participating for years in the drafting of national and international legislation for drones, UAVs and RPAS of any category. The know-how achieved will allow ANACNA to actively collaborate with the national provider and in particular with D-Flight in creating the best possible environment in a professional environment that will lead operators to see a future destined for the ever-increasing integration of Unmanned vehicles.

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