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D-Flight at MAM 2021

D-Flight participates in the first edition of the international event " Mediterranean Aerospace Matching " (MAM 2021) at the Grottaglie airport from 22 to 24 September.
The event, organized by the Technological District Aerospace (DTA) and the Puglia Region, focuses on the role of startups and innovative SMEs engaged in particular in Advanced Air Mobility , with different focuses on technologies dedicated to both control and management of the airspace applied to remotely piloted vehicles and to innovation in the aerospace field.

D-Flight takes part in the event presenting the services of its platform with particular reference to the process of creating the U-Space in Italy , the portion of airspace dedicated to remotely piloted aircraft.

We plan to launch the first portions of U-Space in experimental mode by the beginning of 2022 - declares the Manager " Business S ystem Integration "by D-Flight, Cristiano Baldoni - we are ready to provide the initial services of U-Space focusing on the main enabling factors for increasing geo-awareness in spaces dedicated aircraft. In addition to the services provided by the European road map, a series of tools capable of supporting users with easy and low-cost solutions, such as the D-Flight tracking APP and the UTM Box will be gradually released. physical, just in use in the demos of these days in Grottaglie, able to determine the Compliance with our platform for a complete and effective flight tracking.

The development and coordination between Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Traffic Management represents one of the most challenging bets for the construction of the U-Space in Italy, in his speech, Cristiano Baldoni, explained how the prerogatives of integrating traffic have given rise to the birth of the Service Desk D- Flight , an operations room at the ENAV Area Control Center in Rome, capable of supporting real-time coordination activities between ATM and U-Space, to monitor and track the drone traffic active in the spa uncle conventional controlled aircraft.

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