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D-Flight at Dronitaly

D-Flight participates in Dronitaly, the fair dedicated to the world of drones and sustainable mobility held in Bologna from 6 to 8 October.

The event, which sees the most important institutions of sector, ENAV, ENAC and EASA, as well as the major industrial companies in the world drones, will deal with issues related to urban air mobility and infrastructure for the development of U-Space and ’Unmanned Traffic Management.

D-Flight takes part in the event by presenting i services of its platform with particular reference to the process of construction of U-Space in Italy, the portion of airspace dedicated to remotely piloted aircraft.

Particular focus will be given to the integration between Air Traffic Management and Unamanned Traffic Management, essential for maintaining high standards of safety and coexistence between traffic conventional aircraft and traffic dedicated to remotely piloted vehicles to trace the National Strategic Plan for the development of Advanced Air Mobility in Italy.

Un focus particolare verrà dato all’integrazione tra Air Traffic Management e Unamanned Traffic Management, elemento essenziale per il mantenimento di elevati standard di sicurezza e coesistenza tra traffico aereo convenzionale e traffico dedicato ai mezzi a pilotaggio remoto per ricalcare il Piano Strategico Nazionale per lo sviluppo della Mobilità Aerea Avanzata in Italia.

The occasion also marks the collaboration of the ENAV Group through D-Flight to the “ ULSS3 Serenissim a” project, experimentation with the ASL of the Municipality of Venice for the delivery of medicines with drones along the lagoon, medical & goods delivery demonstration element, high services added value for the community with a significant social and operational impact, elements to which the sector looks for sustainable mobility e at the forefront.

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