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D-Flight jury member of the Living Lab Award “Satellite data and Drones for environmental monitoring

The micro-innovation open Living Lab of the Lazio Region and Lazio Innova “Satellite Data and Drones for environmental monitoring ”, carried out in collaboration with ARPA Lazio, the University of Rome Tor Vergata and Telespazio , has been concluded at Rome the 12 July.

D-Flight was engaged as a member of the jury in choosing the three winning projects that will offer their innovative ideas to the drone sector, opening the space for new collaborations of value added for the system in Italy and allow for an opening of the market also to new realities capable of having a positive impact in terms of innovation and technology.

To give space to individuals, companies and start-ups who have innovative ideas for the enhancement of the drone sector - declares Maurizio Paggetti, CEO of D-Flight and COO of ENAV - pushed D-Flight to embrace the initiative with conviction in consistency with what it is carrying out through the activities of its own platform, the construction of the Unmanned Space in Italy e the provision of value-added services for the safety of operations and sustainability of the sector, assets on which the whole institutional ecosystem I am sure will continue to work with cohesion and attention to the realities of the territory. The development of the world of drones it also passes through a strong social involvement, an essential element for ensure a full coexistence of these new means in the life of every day and to get the maximum benefit from development e innovation.

Basic training was carried out during the Living Lab, with the aim of giving the start of a pilot project with the use of satellite data a support of drone missions engaged in monitoring activities environmental. The missions focused on the real ones inspection needs of the Coreno Ausoni quarry area are and have been aimed at determining the optimal technologies of relief and data processing for monitoring mining activities.

The 3 companies that participated in the Workshop were selected by Lazio Innova through a special open innovation challenge: AIVIEWGROUP - NHAZCA - SORADIS .

At the end of the Demo Day NAHZCA took first place winning a cash prize of 7,500 euros. Second classified AIVIEWGROUP which was awarded 5,000 euros and third place in SORADIS with 2,500 euros.

The Demo Day, which took place at the ARPA LAZIO headquarters, was attended by among others: Nicola Tasco , President of Lazio Innova; Luigi Campitelli , Director of Active Spaces and Open Innovation by Lazio Innova; Rossana Cintoli , Technical Director, Arpa Lazio; Renato Baciocchi , Director of the Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering, University of Rome Tor Vergata, Pier Francesco Cardillo, Head of CLEOS and Drone Application Market Exploitation of e-GEOS (ASI / Telespazio).

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