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The new Natural Parks layer is Online

Rome, 3 October 2020 - interested in the continuous improvement of service rendered to the public, D-Flight is gradually acquiring more and more official cartographic sources. In fact, a new and important geographic layer is now online.

The new "Parks Layer" shows, in the cartography of the web-app, the perimeter of all national and regional nature reserves officially present in the National Cartographic Portal. Such areas are subject to the prohibition of take-off, landing and low-altitude overflight to all aircraft by virtue of state law n ° 42/1060 / R1 / 6-1-1 of 14-05-98. The Parks Layer contains and completes information of geoconsciousness offered to users on the basis of the sole aeronautical cartography (AIP 5.6.1) concerning space reserves aircraft represented there, maps to which access is allowed for the use of remotely piloted vehicles (RPAS) completely for free, only requesting accreditation at the site

In the case of nature reserves, the ban on overflight derives from the need to adequately safeguard protected fauna and flora. Park managers have the right to get the ban on overflight with the attribution of a "Reserve of airspace", by submitting a specific application to ENAC. Because not all managers have the advantage of this opportunity, in some cases the volumes of the air reserve do not coincide with the boundaries of the natural reserve, generating misunderstandings on which D-Flight is placing great attention. The continuous updating of the cartography has a goal of clarity and simplification of activities for all users who use our services every day.

Lastly, there is the new possibility of purchasing online credit that can be spent on the platform, also with PayPal and Amex card.

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