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D-Flight joins the "Alliance for New Mobility Europe"

The innovation and dynamism of technologies on autonomous mobility vehicles have matured considerably, and D-Flight , at the center of the Unmanned scenario for the construction of the U-Space in Italy, becomes part of Alliance for New Mobility Europe (AME ), the European association of public and private companies that aims to implement the Drone Strategy 2.0.

The association's objective is to integrate the new mobility community with sector studies and the application of new shared initiatives for an ecosystem of the Unmanned sector increasingly aware and coordinated between technological evolution and implementation of EASA regulations. AME aims to contribute, thanks to the contribution of the partners, to facilitate the definition of rigorous certification processes that find a balance between safety and efficiency.

With the close collaboration of SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) and other European institutions, the Alliance for New Mobility Europe works to guarantee the integration process between the players in the sector and facilitate the sharing of new programs, systems and applications for advanced mobility and supporting an ever more complete maturation of the drone market.

Common standards and processes, coordination and interoperability of air transport segments will be at the heart of AME's commitment to enable cross-border operations in Europe through the strong link with international organizations.

One of the primary objectives of AME is, moreover, the reduction of the consumption of emissions in the activities of its members. The mobility sector is one of the focal areas and the European Strategy for Intelligent and Sustainable Mobility strengthens the commitment to achieve new, increasingly performing models that contribute to Europe's climate ambitions in the transport sector.

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